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About Long Range Systems UK Ltd

Exceptional warranty

We offer all business our 3 Year* or our extended warranty of 10 years* a warranty! Covering your business against all manufacturing defects with LRS products. No other company can offer a warranty like this.

In the paging industry since 2001, In the ICT communication industry since 1989

We have been in the I.T communication industry for over 20 years! and have been in the paging industry since 2001. We are very experienced with communication problems and we know our pagers like the back of our hands! You can trust us to help solve your communication problems and improve your staff and boost customer satisfaction!

Current clients Testimonials

I have used LRS in a number of areas of my business and I have found them perfect in each situation. LRS offered me excellent sales and service and ensured that they understood my needs before recommending me a system. I would certainly recommend them and I would definitely use them again

Nicholas Carn, Peterborough

Excellent company. Great communication and friendly attitude. Always happy to help and offer great aftercare.

Michelle Lewis, Newcastle

Excellent after service care, in fact throughout the entire process LRS UK Ltd have been helpful and supportive, responding swiftly to any questions or concerns.

Dave Blackham, Rotherham


Long Range Systems UK Ltd is a worldwide manufacturing communications company, we supply to company's all over the UK with high end quality pagers that will benefit your whole company.

Our systems have been tested all over the world within 50 industry's and with being the manufacturer our product quality is of high standard - We supply over 30,000 business and some of them are the biggest company's in the UK such as - Debenhams, Specsavers, McDonalds, Whetherspoons and many more in the United Kingdom alone!

We have been in the paging industry for over 15 years and in the communication solutions industry for over 25 years, We know all the problems that business are suffering with every day because of the lack of communication between staff and customers. We have solutions for that.

With many years of experience you can trust us to improve your staff and boost customers satisfaction overall improving your business and it is a fact that MOST of LRS pager systems will actually return on investment and pay for its self over time with faster table turns and on the ball staff! Our solutions are great!

Remember We do not only supply coaster pagers we are a company that supply's many communication solutions such as two-way radios, staff pagers, table tracker and more the ranch of technology is endless please visit our other site lrsuk.co.uk to see our other pager systems that could massively improve your business and your staff.

If you have any other enquires then please contact us today on : 01782.537000 or fill our contact form out and a member of our sales team will get in touch within 24 hours working days.