CS Pager Uses

Where CS Coaster Pagers can be used

With many uses for coaster pagers, they can improve everyone's business from restaurants to healthcare coaster call will boost customer satisfaction and keep staff in their zones doing their job. As a customer, it can be very frustrating when businesses are using old methods to notify patients/customers to return to the main desk or reception.

Our NEW more efficient recall solution will save your company time and will reduce customer walkouts. The system will overtime pay for itself with the more efficient staff and the faster table turns...CS6/7 is the perfect solution for the communication problems.


The cs6/cs7 can be used to recall customers to collect food or recall them when a table is ready.

Recalling customers in large cafes/restaurants or pubs and bars is a massive advantage for your business, customers won’t need to stand around by the till blocking other customers while waiting for their food. Customers can go sit down and feel relaxed knowing their coaster will page immediately when the food is ready to collect. This coaster saves a lot of frustration customers have while standing around for 5-10 minutes and also it helps stop food orders getting mixed up and handed to the wrong customers. Creating faster table turns and making your staff more efficient you cannot go wrong with the Coaster Pager Series.

With recalling customers to the main desk when tables are ready will surprisingly help staff massively! staff tend to run around after customers shouting for their name or looking for the familiar face...this doesn't always work to plan in fact staff can spend 10-30 minutes searching the waiting area for customers! With coaster call these 10-30 minutes are cut right down to just 5 minutes speeding up staff, creating faster table turns, less walkouts and a bigger profit. CS6/7 can pay for its self and more! Simply hand one coaster pager the customer and inform them when it flashes and vibes they come back immediately. It gives customers more freedom and allows them feel relaxed at all times.


Recall guests to the reception when rooms are ready! instead of leaving customers in confusion tied down to the lobby, CS6/7s allow guests to look round knowing they will be paged as soon as the room is ready for them! By keeping guests out of the lobby while they wait for their room they won’t be worried about the time it may take because they will be browsing other areas also it gives staff the chance to then see to other guests of the hotel immediately. Eliminating crowds and improving the performance of the staff the coaster pager is perfect for ALL hotels.

Healthcare and pharmacy's

Easily recall patients waiting to be seen by a doctor or nurse! calling names is the old way and also isn't efficient at all... patients can easily miss their chance to be seen by their doctor if they don't hear or have gone to the toilets...with the customer recall coasters patients can be paged with a vibe and flash that will inform them there doctor is ready and to go to the reception this gives patients more freedom and gives them chance to go to the cafe or shops while they wait.

With the Coaster call patients are seen quicker and staff can proceed with other jobs lined up instead of searching for patients who did not see or hear their name. Overall improving staff’s performance and raising the satisfaction by patients.

The coaster pager is also great for pharmacy's while people wait for their prescription they can be handed the pager so they don't crowed around the main desk and can instead browse the store. please contact us today to find out how coasters can help your business.


Coaster pagers are perfect for casinos, tables in the casino can get very full causing people to just walk away or stand around waiting for someone leave the table. With coaster call players are handed the coaster while the table is full so they can go and gamble on other tables or machines knowing they will be immediately recalled when a player has left the table. This keeps customers in the casino and keeps them busy while they wait, it also saves staff searching for them improving their performance and majorly increasing the customers satisfaction. This system will over time pay for its self. 


Recalling visitors in manufacturing can be very difficult due to the loud noises that can sometimes be heard within a manufacturing building. The CS7 visitor recall can vibe and flash when staff need to get that visitor of site and back to reception or a certain area. With the CS we can program the coaster to Re-page and also send an acknowledge confirm message to the staff recalling them - this informs staff they have received the page and they are on their way. The re-page will carry on paging the coaster if the coaster goes off site until its back on site. A very advanced feature that is perfect for manufacturing's environment. With extended range available.


Of course there is many other industry's where Coasters can be used that are not on this site to find out more and to speak to a member of our team to see if coasters can be used in your business then please call : 01782.53700 or fill in our contact form so a member of our sales team can get in touch within the next 24 working hours.