CS Series New Technology

Coaster Call NEW Technology

When you have developed the worlds best Coaster Call which is used in 40% of restaurants, hospitals and pubs & bars then to improve on the solution might prove difficult for some companies.

How could anyone improve on the most successful Coaster Call in the world?

We have taken new digital technology, included so many new features, designed the device future proof and created the most advanced device available for recalling customers, guests or patients with added incredible affordability that the CS series has changed everything in recall solutions forever!

Why these improvements are important to you

These new integrated features will change the way you work any time you recall anyone. Take a look at the advantages over competitive equipment:

  • The most robust coaster call on the market
    Competitive product varies dramatically and often suffers from damage from being continually dropped but our new CS really IS designed to operate in the most demanding business environments in the world.
  • Oversized Battery
    Our rechargeable battery is 30% to 50% larger than other competitive products. This means that our coaster call will operate for longer.
  • Intense multi coloured LED system
    Our CS7 Pro has the ability to use different coloured LED's for different environments. The ONLY coaster pager that has this ability.
  • Massive rubber bumper
    Adding to how robust the CS series are is the all around rubber bumper. Competitive products often have a flimsy or non-existent rubber bumper. We designed our rubber bumper to save the coaster call if dropped and to save you money on replacements.
  • Two way messaging
    The only coaster call in the world that has two way messaging. This technology ensures that when a patient or customer is messaged to return, that if the customer does not receive the message then the system will 'be aware' of that. Our solution ensures that the customer messaging is always optimal and will ensure that once the customer receives the recall that the system will know.

    Competitive solutions don't do this and if the message is not received by those systems then neither the customer or patient or you will know. In that circumstance they will not return. Using our solution makes every known competitive product redundant.
  • Four pin charging
    The CS coaster will never let you down. We have intentionally designed all four charging pins to charge the CS pager. This ensures that even if two of the pins become dirty our CS pager will still charge. Competitive systems do not have this feature and in particular even if you see four pins on those pagers only two work for charging.
  • Digital readout
    The digital readout on the CS7 Pro can be automatically numbered in a few simple steps, making renumbering easy.
    Some competitive products cannot do this and you might be left wondering what pager numbers you have to use.
  • Custom branding
    We made the CS series of coaster call simple to brand so that these products are perfect for your organisation.
  • Fully approved
    CS coaster call (all versions) are all fully CE and RoHS compliant. There are many competitive brands that are not and using those could cost your company in big fines from OFCOM.

But what does all that mean for the operator?

While specifications like those above are important, more important are the benefits to your organisation from the implementation of these features which include:

  • Guaranteed operational integrity
    While companies often will tell you at sale time that their products are great, the CS series is more than the sum of its parts. Factually, because of the above features there is no question that the CS products will operate as the ultimate solution for calling back customers guests or patients. The two way messaging that works on the CS7 pro ensures that customers will return and not, as in other systems 'may return'. CS solutions solve a problem that no other solution has and we're sure that your business will benefit greatly over 'regular' customer paging.
  • Low cost solutions
    When manufacturing costs are held low through innovative design customers will benefit from lower system costs and lower operating costs year on year. The CS series will likely be the best recall solution you can buy and probably at a lower price than obsolete out of date competitive systems that others sell.
  • Excellent Guarantee
    We offer a full three year warranty against manufacturers defects. Indeed this is the longest guarantee that anyone has on a coaster call type of solution and most competitive products come with just one year guarantee.
  • Added value by design
    There are many other aspects of the CS coaster call system that we can't yet disclose, but as they come on-line they consist of simple firmware upgrades to enhance your system in ways that no other coaster call solution has. Future proof by design.

Of course there are many other aspects of the CS series of coaster call so why not contact us directly and find out how you can take a free trial of this incredible equipment.