Coaster Pagers

One solution for many problems!

The new and improved CS Series can be used to solve many communication difficulties in many businesses all over the UK.
Recalling guests, patients and staff has always been a big issue in business. Staff within restaurants, retail. pubs, and hospitals can spend hours and hours searching for patients/guests when their table is ready or their appointment.

With the CS Series coaster pagers staff will no longer waste time searing for customers and patients. Staff can now page the CS Coaster that the customer will have handed to them on arrival that will inform the guests/patients to go back to reception for example. This solution reduces the time staff spend searching for staff and they can finally get on with their other jobs within that time.

There is lots of different benefits with the different industry's for example within and restaurant and cafe, pub and bar the system can create less walkouts and faster table turns overall creating more profit n the long run... that is just one example this system can improve business in lots of different ways.


Restaurants and Cafes

CS coaster pagers prevents customer walk outs, creates faster table turns and improves the staffs performance. We have the recall system and also we have recently produced the low costing table tracker using CS7 so that staff can easily and quickly locate tables while the food is still piping hot!


Recall patients when their appointment is ready giving them the opportunity to go to the hospitals cafe or look around. Also, more than often people don't hear their name being called so this will then mean staff wondering around searching for them, with the coaster patients can now return to reception for example without staff wasting time looking for them. Giving the patients more freedom and gives staff more time to do their job.


Recall guests when their hotel room is ready for them using the CS7 this gives them the chance to look around and gives staff the chance to continue with their job instead of wondering around wasting working time looking for guests. The coaster can also be used in the hotel’s restaurant improving the waiter’s performance.

Bar and Pubs

Busy pub or bar? Hand customers a paging cs7-cs6when they have a table ready to sit at, reduce turn always and create more table turns.


Recall guests to the table when next hand is ready for a new game, simply hand them a coaster pager and then staff can immediately page them whenever the table for example is ready for then to start, the guest can then return the coaster and make their way to the table straight away. This prevents people missing out and also staff searching for them through a busy crowd.


Coaster pagers allow staff to easily recall customers to the store immediately, this system will create better service for your customer and improve staff’s performance within the store. Used to recall customers back to the tills or the changing room. Giving customers the chance to be recalled within retail will create more sales because it gives customers more chance to browse the store while they wait.

Some CS Series Features

Eliminate crowds


Creates and Manages an 'invisible queue'


Intelligent tracking


Creates faster table turns


Improves staffs performances


LED numbers (only on CS7)


Flash, vibration and lasting glow


5 different colours available




Custom coaster Labels

We don't just offer a standard system that comes with a standard design. At LRS we give you the chance to design a custom label that we will design onto the customer coaster systems whether it’s the CS6/7/Note. You can turn your coasters into a fun original pager for your customers to look at!

As the coasters are for customer the labels are a good opportunity to advertise to them. We strongly recommend some form of instructions are placed on the labels to ensure the customer understands the process of being recalled to a certain area.

You can have as many designs as you please you can design every coaster differently with the custom labels.

These labels do not cover the flash and do not affect the vibe or any other feature on the Coaster.

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Available in a number of different colours!

CS7 Can match the colours of your company brand with Blue, Green, Red (shown below) and more available colours - white and multi-coloured!

Blue CS7


Green CS7


Red CS7


The CS7 is the new and improved coaster pager that is available in 5 different colours! This pager is the upgrade of the CS6, the visual and the technology behind it is phenomenal!