LRS Warranty

At LRS we offer a 3 Year* standard warranty for all of our customers this will cover the products for all manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. We exclude wear and tear damage that may happen to the pager system over time - it is not a manufacturing defect.

We can also offer your business an extended warranty of 10 years* LRS products are very robust in fact the most robust pagers in the industry with a small percentage of failure that is 0.3% in the UK. Because the failure percentage rate is so low and our quality of pagers is so high we offer such a warranty to our UK customers.

Of course, if the products are abused for example dropped in water the pager will NOT be covered in any warranty as it is not a manufacturing defect.

With every system delivered[ is a ten-year warranty voucher - if this voucher is not filled in and Coasterpagers.co.uk | Coasterpagers.co.uk | Coasterpagers.co.uk |  within the given time then the system purchased will not be eligible for the extended warranty of ten years and will just have the standard 3-year warranty.

Please note that terms apply on both standard and the extended warranty offered by LRS.

The extended warranty was introduced to our UK clients in 2011 and it is a fact that all of our clients have strongly benefited by the standard and the extended warranty. There is 1 out of 1000 pagers that are send back to the office due to manufacturing defects. That figure alone is why we offer such an outstanding warranty because we know our products durability.

Please note - The 10-Year Warranty DOES NOT apply to single product purchases.

 Please note - Terms and Conditions do apply*

Please note - our return policy is started in the terms of trading.

LRS offers the most robust system which is why we offer such amazing warranty for your business if the equipment is faulty by manufacturing defect we are more than happy to solve the problem quickly and cost free!

Offering the best warranty for your company assuring that your pager system purchased will be covered completely under manufacturing defects - this does not include how staff use the pager if the system is ruined due to dropping, burning, or water damage then it will not be covered and for them to be replaced they will need to be purchased.

We do offer advice on how to make sure the system are looked after and where they are best to be placed.

To find out more about the 3-year warranty or the 10-year warranty then please contact us on 01782.537000 or fill in our contact form so a member of our well-trained team and get in touch and supply you with the best advice for your business.