Why Coaster Pagers

The benefits of LRS coaster pagers

At LRS we strive to give you best quality pager systems there is on the market. We are the manufacturer meaning we have full control of our products.

Our coaster pagers are the best coasters on the market improving business all over the UK! Coasters can actually pay for themselves over time and improve the performance of your staff making them a lot more efficient, better at time keeping, create faster table turns and also gives them the chance to spend more time with customer boosting the customer satisfaction!

The customer paging system CS6 series

  • Compatible with older CS4 and chargers
  • Notifies people faster than other methods
  • free guests from being tied down to one specific area
  • vibe and flash
  • 4 charging pins
  • battery life is approx. 48hrs on single charge
  • only available in red
  • shock protecting bumper
  • stacked in any order
  • Custom labels
  • Light weight
  • Number Label

and many more features! The CS6 coaster pager is the original upgrade of our old coaster pager that you may have heard of...the cs4 with all our coasters being compatible.

We offer a 3 YEAR* manufacturing defect WARRANTY with all of our pager systems available. An outstanding warranty for an outstanding product!

We offer 10 coasters and a transmitter for just £459.99* the non beatable offer is a must have and is a perfect solution for low budget and high budget business.

We are offering for a limited time only a fantastic deal on the CS6 coaster pagers only!  

Get a 10-coaster system, T9560MT transmitter, all charging cables and a 3-YEAR WARRANTY! a one time offer available for every big and small business here in the UK!

If ten pagers are not enough we supply extra pagers for just £24.00 plus vat including 3-year warranty for them too! not one competitor can beat our special offer for a high quality system.

Contact us today to receive more information about the offer we have available for the CS6 coaster pager ONLY and other available offers we have!



CS7 Customer coaster pager & CS7 Note

The Reinvented CS7 & CS7 Notes are the latest upgrade to the CS6. The note and the standard CS7 are exactly the same apart from a few features.

The CS7/NOTE is the brand new technology from LRS with new advanced features the CS7/NOTE is the best coaster available in the industry with a sleek clean design.

Features of CS7

  • Very robust with a rubber bumper absorbing shock of drops or slams
  • available in a number of colours - red, white, blue, green and multi-coloured
  • digital display
  • re-programmable
  • NiMH Battery
  • Two way paging - acknowledge and confirm
  • Modern, economic and robust design
  • Compact Size
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible stack paging
  • Custom Labelling

The CS7Note has all the above features but is also available with advertising and promo cases.

There is of course many more features for the CS7/Note. To find out what they are please call us or fill our contact form in so we can get in touch as soon as we can.

Custom coaster Labels

We can brand your customer coaster to anything you would like on the front. Many of our customers put the instructions of the coaster on the front with the logo or a design, no matter how complex your design is we can still make it!

With the custom labels you can not only recall customers but you can now advertise to them! what you design for your label is completely up to you but we do strongly recommend that some form on indication to return the coaster is on the label like these examples (right)

Please contact us to find out more information about the coaster labels.